Is Your Commercial Building Up To Code?

Is Your Commercial Building Up To Code?

Consult a trained property inspector in Maple Valley, WA

Don’t just meet the city’s inspection requirements. Go above and beyond by hiring Baum Inspection Services. As your property inspector in Maple Valley, Washington, Jim will identify any existing or potential problems in your building. As long as your property meets the city’s standards, he’ll file the certification of completion with the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI). He won’t report your building to the SDCI.

Contact Baum Inspection Services in Maple Valley, Washington today to schedule a commercial property inspection. Jim also serves Seattle and Salt Lakewood.

What happens after the inspection?

Baum Inspection Services provides efficient commercial property inspection services. Once Jim has filed your certification of completion, he’ll:

  • Wait for an email confirmation from the SDCI
  • Forward you the email for your records
  • Let you know if any issues need to be addressed
  • Explain how you can bring your property up to code
  • Address any specific concerns you have, if any
Trust Jim to give you a comprehensive report about your property. Call now to speak with a qualified property inspector.